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The Haramain High Speed Railway also known as HHR Train, is a game changer for those travelling through Saudi Arabia’s holy cities. The Haramain train will get you from Makkah to Medinah at a speed of 300 Km/h. Getting you from point A to B along the 450 km route in under 2hours and 25 minutes, all whilst keeping you cool, comfortable, and fed onboard the train. Gone are the days of sticking the whole family into a car and trekking through the desert!

In this guide, I will be telling you everything that you need to know prior to booking your Haramain train ticket. As well as walk you through the process of actually booking your HHR train ticket.

HHR Train – Need To Know Before Booking Your Train Ticket

Haramain High Speed Railway Train Stations
Haramain High Speed Railway Train Stations

Haramain High Speed Railway Train Stations

As you know, the Haramain High Speed Railway runs from Makkah to Medinah on its 450 km route. But that’s not the only stop that the train makes. The HHR train also stops off at Jeddah, King Abdulaziz International Airport, and King Abdullah Economic City.

HHR Train Stops

  1. Makkah – For the holy pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah. Please note that Makkah is open to Muslim visitors only.
  2. Jeddah – It’s a cultural melting pot of old and new Saudi. Here you can visit souqs (markets), museums, historical landmarks and more.
  3. KAIA – This stop is for the King Abdulaziz International Airport.
  4. KAEC – The King Abdullah Economic City is where you go to have fun. Here you can enjoy family friendly activities, golfing, scuba diving, snorkelling kayaking and more.
  5. Medinah – To visit Prophet Muhammad’s first mosque, Masjid Al Nabawi, Mount Uhud, Jannatul Baqi and more. Whilst this is a holy city for Muslims, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has now opened it’s doors to Medinah to non Muslims as well.

Who Can Use The HHR Train

As you can see in the section above, the Haramain High Speed Railway isn’t just for pilgrimage transport when doing Hajj or Umrah. But the HHR train can be used by locals, Muslim, and non Muslim tourists alike to get from one point to another. Especially if you’re arriving into King Abdulaziz International Airport and you want to travel onwards to King Abdullah Economic City, Jeddah, or even Medinah these days.

So in short, the Haramain High Speed Railway trains are open to all and not just Muslim pilgrims.

HHR Train Schedule

Departing From Makkah To Medinah Via Jeddah And King Abdullah Economic City

HRR Train From Makkah To Medinah

There are six trains that depart from Makkah to Medina a day. Whilst some of these are express trains with no stops, you’ll get at least two trains a day with stopovers in the other cities. The 6pm and 9pm trains both stop in Jeddah and King Abdullah Economic City. If you are after a quicker train with no stops, then be sure to board one of the other trains.

Do note that none of the trains from Makkah to Medinah actually stopover at the King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Departing From Makkah To King Abdul Aziz International Airport

HRR Train From Makkah To King Abdulaziz International Airport
HRR Train From Makkah To King Abdulaziz International Airport

Whilst there may not be a train that runs from Makkah to Medinah with a stopover at the Airport. You’ll be happy to know that there are dedicated express trains from Makkah that head straight to KAIA within 47 minutes. Therefore, you won’t have to worry or stress about lugging your luggage onto a train filled with tourists, pilgrims, and the locals going about their everyday life.

And yes, there is a direct train that also runs in the other direction from the airport and back to Makkah.

Departing From King Abdulaziz International Airport To Medinah Via King Abdullah Economic City

HRR Train From King Abdulaziz International Airport To Madinah Station
HRR Train From King Abdulaziz International Airport To Madinah Station

Whilst, there is no train from Makkah to Medinah that stops over at the King Abdulaziz International Airport. You’ll be pleased to know that there are 5 trains that go from the international airport to Medinah in under 2 hours. And you’ll even find that the first, third, and fifth trains of the day have a stopover in King Abdullah Economic City.

You can find the latest HRR train schedule/timetable here.

Onboard The Haramain Train Experience

So now that we know where the HRR train stops, who can board the train, and even the train’s schedule. Let’s turn our attention to what happens when you board the train. Hopefully, this will convince you to give the Haramain High Speed train a go, over driving across the country through the desert.

Just like with your airline, (but unlike your car) there are two classes of travel onboard the train. If you are familiar with train travel in the UK and most of Europe, this shouldn’t come as a shock. But let’s make one thing clear here, aboard the HRR the Economy class is still very much clean, comfortable, and inviting. Given that Saudi Arabia is a country that exudes luxury, this shouldn’t be surprising.

So here is what to expect in each class.

Economy Class

There are over 340 seats in the economy class onboard the Haramain Train, and these are the facilities available.

  • Foldable armrest so that you can have extra room if required.
  • Seat headrest to ensure your comfort throughout the train ride.
  • Allocated seats so that you can arrive knowing that you won’t have to fight for your favourite seat.
  • Foldable tables so that you can enjoy a meal or snack from the cafeteria onboard the train.
  • Newspaper and magazine racks in case you are looking for entertainment onboard the HHR train.
  • Power plugs (240 Volt) so that you can arrive with your phone and laptop fully charged and work from the train if needs be.
  • Reading lights so that you don’t have to put down your latest read.
  • Access to the cafeteria so that you don’t have to starve during your train ride.

Business Class

The business class aboard the HHR train has all the comforts of the Economy Class plus a few additional benefits.

  • Premium adjustable seats with extra legroom which is perfect for those who like to stretch like their legs.
  • Video screen with headphones so that you can enjoy the entertainment available on board.

Baggage Allowance

Every passenger is permitted to have one large piece of luggage weighing up to 25 kg and one piece of handbag. You’ll find a hand luggage rack over your head so that you can easily store and access your valuables.

Do note that there are items that are prohibited onboard the HHR train. You can find the updated list here.

HHR Train And Umrah

hrr train
hrr train station | Image courtesy of Foster and Partners

Jeddah Airport To Makkah

If you are arriving into the country and heading straight to Makkah to perform your Umrah, chances are you will be in your ihram, tired, anxious, excited and all whilst lugging your family and luggage. Given that you’ll already be feeling so much, you may not want to opt for a taxi instead of a train ride in.

TOP TIP: Prebook your discounted Jeddah airport premium lounge access and your private airport transfer for a stress-free journey.

However, if you’re travelling as a couple or solo, and you are still pumped with adrenaline, then by all means opt for the Haramain train to Makkah. Just note that you’ll probably still want to grab a taxi to your hotel from the Makkah train station as it may be out of the way.

I recommend checking your route on Google Maps beforehand so that you can plan your mode of transport beforehand. That way, you won’t have to stress once you arrive.

Medinah To Makkah

If you’re taking HRR train from Medinah to Makkah and you plan on performing Umrah as soon as you arrive, then please make sure to wear your ihram before you board. This is because the train won’t stop at a meeqat point on its way to Makkah.

TOP TIP: If you’re tavelling on Eid day, you’ll get to experience extra warmth from your Saudi Arabian hosts. Look out for the rose, sweets, and dates that get handed out to guests to commemorate the day.

How To Book A HHR Train from Makkah to Medinah

hrr train
hrr train station | Image courtesy of Foster and Partners

Booking your Haramain Train tickets is a very simple process that be easily from their website here.

  1. On the first screen you’ll get to choose your departure and arrival stations, preferred travel date, and the no. of guests. If you need space for wheelchair access, here is the place to specify it.
  2. Once you’ve hit the search button, you’ll then see the train schedule for your specified travel date. So you won’t have to check the timetable beforehand.
  3. Once you’ve selected your preferred travel time, you’ll then be provided with the option of booking a business or economy seat. You’ll also be able to view the price of the seats here.
  4. You’ll then be able to select your seat, enter your personal information and process your payment.

And voila! Just like that, you now have your Haramain High Speed Railway Train tickets booked.

HRR Train Ticket Prices

Do note that there isn’t a fixed price for the HRR train tickets. During peak hours, you’ll find the business class tickets to be around 523 SAR (102 GBP) and the economy tickets to be around 172 SAR (£33). During the off peak hours, business class tickets are 287 SAR (56 GBP) and Economy tickets are 172 SAR (33 GBP).

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The Veiled Explorer’s Takeaway

And there we have it, the complete travel guide to booking your HRR train tickets from Makkah to Medinah. From how to book your tickets to what to expect when you’re onboard, this guide will answer all your questions.

So what are you looking forward to trying the most aboard the Haramain High Speed Railway? Leave me a comment down below to let me know.

HHR Train - Haramain High Speed Railway Guide

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  1. Awesome post.. Can I check whether the HHR informs one of the meeqat just like in the planes if travelling from madinah to makkah?

    1. Thank you Afzal. Last I heard, they do announce the Meeqat around 7 minutes into the journey from Medinah to Makkah. And that too in English. I would recommend checking directly with Haramain though so that they can advise you if they still do so.

  2. Hi Noor

    In shaa Allah I will be landing in Jeddah in 3 days. I would like to travel by train to Makkah. Can I book harmain train tickets whilst in uk? If not, can I buy tickets once I arrive in KAIA? Is the ticket desk operational. During Covid it was closed. I won’t have Saudi sim and there is no WiFi at KAIA to be able to use the app. Please advise. Many thanks.

    1. I’ve only booked online in the past, but would love to hear how your experience went, in case someone else can benefit from it.

  3. Very helpful information.. Is their schedule realizable no sudden cancellation. Since cannot find schedule for May 2022. Difficult to contact them too. Any info how to reach them

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