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Wanderlust? Checked. Travel savings? Checked. Next travel destination? Not checked. Let’s admit it, when a hijabi decides to travel, on top of safety, budget, Halal food, and other dietary requirements, we also have to stop and think about how Hijab friendly are those travel destinations?

No matter how much we try to ignore it, it’s always there lingering at the back of our minds. So I’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you and have compiled my Top 7 Hijab Friendly Travel Destinations. All the destinations mentioned below have been tried and tested by myself, and I can honestly say that I felt safe and comfortable travelling there in my Hijab.

I would also recommend these 7 Hijab Friendly Travel Destinations, for the Solo Female Traveller looking to travel alone.

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Top 7 Hijab Friendly Travel Destinations For Solo Travellers

1. Dubai – Best Hijab Friendly Travel Destination

Dubai Skyline
Burj Khalifa & Dubai Skyline

Dubai, no. 1 on the list of Top 9 Hijab Friendly Travel Destinations, is, without doubt, the most popular Muslim friendly destination. From the gorgeous beaches (with ladies only beaches may I add!), to sky diving, indoor skiing, endless Halal food options, and much more, it’s no surprise that Dubai is such a popular destination.

With such strict laws in place, you don’t have to worry about harassment, making it a perfect destination for solo female travellers. And with the country being a Muslim one, your Hijab will be more than welcomed.

If you can only make it to Dubai for a stop over, I would still highly recommend it, as there are lots that you can see and do in Dubai in a day.

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2. Istanbul – Best Hijab Friendly Travel Destination in Europe

Istanbul Blue Mosque
Istanbul Blue Mosque / Hijab Friendly Travel Destinations

My Ertugrul fans, where you at? Given the success of the show, it’s without a doubt that Istanbul is at the top of every Ertugrul fan’s list of travel destinations. And whilst the Ottoman empire may no longer be standing today, Turkey is still very Muslim friendly. Nevertheless, given how modern and developed Istanbul is, I would also recommend it for the Solo Female Traveller.

Just be vigilant of pick pocketers around the tourist sights, and stick to the main roads, and you should be perfectly safe.

The local taxis are an affordable way to get around, but be aware of any scams. Some taxis will have their meter removed from their original place and the driver will hike up the price throughout the ride. So if you get stuck in a situation like this, speak to someone at the hotel they should be able to help.

TIP: Take a picture of the taxi and licence plate before you get in, ideally with the driver’s face showing behind the wheel. Not only do I do this for my personal safety, but it also let’s them know that I have their details if they decide to pull a scam.

In terms of food, you’ll be covered, Halal food is everywhere. Other than the obvious places, a particular favourite Cafe of mine is Hafiz Mustafa. Their apple tea alongside a Kunefe is everything!

If you are after the Turkish Hijab style, be sure to pick up a hijab cap with the “bone” in it to create that point. And no, this isn’t a real bone, it’s a piece of bendy plastic that’s folded into the hijab or cap.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some of the most popular sights.

3. London – The Melting Pot of Cultures

London Westminster Parliament
London Westminster Parliament

If you are heading to Europe, well then London should be at the top of your travel destinations list. Being a melting pot of different cultures, London is by far the most diverse city in Europe with lots to see and do.

Regardless of who you are, you will always feel like you belong here. And if you wear a Hijab, you will feel absolutely comfortable, as many of the local Muslim women choose to do the same.

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London is incredibly Muslim Friendly with Halal food eateries being readily available throughout the city. And if you happen to stumble upon an establishment that doesn’t serve halal meat, you will always have at least one vegetarian or vegan option to choose from.

TIP: Be sure to check out at least one of London’s street food markets during your visit. Borough Market is one of the most popular food markets that is centrally based by London Bridge. There are lots of Halal and vegetarian food available here, with a wide array of dishes from all over the world.

Public transport is also very easy to navigate and is never too far from any landmark or tourist attraction. Thus, making it perfectly safe for even the solo traveller to travel around London alone.

Looking for some inspiration for when you’re in London? Here are some of the most popular sights.

4. Andalusia – Former Home of Islam In Europe

Next on the list of Top 7 Hijab Friendly Destinations is Costa Del Sol, aka Andalusia, the former home of Islam in Europe. Before you ask, no, Costa Del Sol is not a city. Rather it is the southern region of Spain that’s made up of many beautiful Coastal towns.

I travelled here with just me and my mum, both Hijabis, and not once did I feel uncomfortable in my Hijab. Whether we were city hopping, visiting tourist sights, or out to dinner, we had a really lovely time. The Spaniards are truly very warm and welcoming people.

Whilst the coast isn’t drowning in Halal restaurants, vegetarian food was available in abundance regardless of which town we visited. The waiters and waitresses were also surprisingly very knowledgeable about the Halal diet and went above and beyond to recommend dishes to us. So don’t worry if your Spanish isn’t up to par, your Hijab will be enough to scream Halal!

Now for the main event, there are lots to see and do in Andalusia, and I would highly recommend city hopping, so you can take in as much of it as possible.

Whilst most people head to the obvious places such as Granada to visit the Alhambra Palace or Cordoba for the Alcazar and Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, be sure to also head to Ronda. The Lord of the Rings fan out there may like this spot in particular.

And if you’re deciding on which seaside town to call home? My recommendation is Malaga. It’s perfectly located to visit Ronda, Granada, and Córdoba, with lots to offer in itself.

Looking for some inspiration for when you’re travelling the Costa del Sol?

5. Bangkok – First Time Solo Travel Destination

Wat Arun Bangkok

If a Solo traveller is heading to South East Asia, it’s without a doubt that Thailand will be at the top of their travel bucket list. Thailand is well-travelled by all types of travellers, and it’s where most independent travellers head to on their first solo travel.

And with that in mind, and the Muslim friendliness of Thailand in general, Bangkok takes the 5th spot on the list of Top 7 Hijab Friendly Destinations. Bangkok also plays home to Soi Arab, aka ‘Arab Town’, so if you’re ever running out of Halal food eateries, Little Arabia Town has your back.

From Buddhist temple visits, to dinners in the sky and river cruises, there are lots to see and do here in Bangkok. And did I mention that Bangkok is a hub for shopping? Even shopping on a budget.

I’ve gone and done the leg work for you, so be sure to check out the following guides to help you plan your dream trip. Whether you are heading to Bangkok on a stopover or for a longer duration, I’ve got you covered.

Bangkok Travel Guides

6. Singapore – Solo Travel & Muslim Friendly Travel Destination

Gardens by The Bay Singapore
Gardens by The Bay Singapore

Singapore, sixth on the list of the Top 7 Hijab Friendly Travel Destinations is without a doubt the most solo travel friendly destination that I’ve visited, which is also incredibly Muslim friendly.

From the Marina Bay Sands to The Gardens by The Bay, Sentosa Island and much more, there is something here for every traveller. And for my photography and architecture lovers, be sure to head to Clarke Quay, you will be in for a treat here.

TIP: Take a water taxi from Clarke Quay to Esplanade, to get the best views, selfies, and photos of all the tourist sights and the city’s architecture.

Whilst Singapore is a place of luxury, cheap food options are readily available at Hawker centres. If you are not familiar with the term Hawker Centres, imagine a large indoor food court with endless rows of food stalls. May I add, Singapore is the only place in the world with Michelin Star Hawker stalls? And yes, there are lots of Halal food stalls available as well. Even the KFC and McDonald are also Halal here.

If the readily available Halal food wasn’t already a dead giveaway, let me reiterate that Singapore is incredibly Hijab friendly. If you want to connect with other Muslims like I did when I had visited Singapore, be sure to head to Kampong Glam. Home to Kampong Glam Mosque, Haji street, and lots of beautifully painted street arts and murals.

Singapore Travel Guides

7. Tokyo – Hijab Friendly Travel Destination In The Far East

Senso-ji TempleTokyo
Senso-ji Temple Tokyo

Last but not least on the list of the Top 7 Hijab Friendly Travel Destinations is Tokyo. In fact the entire of Japan in general.

Now you’re probably wondering why am I recommending a non-Muslim country that doesn’t have a large Muslim community and has a reputation for not being fans of outsiders, to Hijabis?

The answer is because the rumours are false. Usually, we would assume that the older generations are the ones who hold the most prejudice and bigot views right? Well Japan will prove you wrong.

Everywhere that I went in Japan, I was welcomed with the utmost respect and politeness that the Japanese people are famously known for. And the elderly citizens are some of the sweetest most generous people that I’ve come across on my travels, even with the language barrier.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, you will not have to go vegetarian the whole time you’re there either. In every major city, i.e. Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo you will find at least one Halal restaurant to choose from.

In particular, I found Tokyo had the most Halal restaurants available. Hence, why I’m recommending it as the 7th spot on the list of Top 7 Hijab Friendly Travel Destinations. And for when you can’t find Halal food, you will be able to easily find vegetarian food at bakeries, restaurants, and convenience stores.

Additionally, there are lots to see and do in Tokyo, including intricately designed Temples, traditional Japanese gardens, Tokyo tower, Shibuya crossing, and much more.

Lastly, the public transport on offer here will very likely make you feel like your transport system back home, needs an upgrade. Moreso, it is easy to navigate and get around, making it perfect for the solo traveller.

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What did you think of my tried and tested list of Top 7 Hijab Friendly Travel Destinations? Which destination will you be heading to next? Leave a comment down below.

Top 7 Hijab Friendly Travel Destinations

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  1. Some of these were a surprise, and some weren’t. Andalusia sounds so fascinating and I see it on so many lists…and now yours. I’m definitely going to have to check it out sometime!

    1. It is a really lovely place. The food, architecture and al fredo dining atmosphere are just wonderful! You will love it.

  2. This is such a great share and a great resource! Looking forward to enjoying more of your posts – Announcing your solo female travel plans being next on my list! 🙂 🙂

  3. Such an interesting and different article! As I am from a small country, Croatia, I’ll have to say that it might not be the safest for Muslims, or in general anything different. I would like to think that every country should use these as an example and just accept people as people without any prejudice.

    1. Absolutely, hopefully humanity will get there one day? Croatia is a beautiful country, I hope its safe enough to visit one day soon.

  4. This is a very interesting blog post! I am glad to find out that my country, Spain, it’s on the list 🙂 I’m also from South Spain, so I agree on visiting Ronda.

    1. I loved Spain, I still dream about the tapas sometimes? I’m glad you agree with Ronda, a lot of people overlook it.

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