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Breaking Your Solo Female Travel Plans To Your Loved Ones

**Disclaimer: this will be the hardest part of your journey to becoming a solo female traveller.**

Telling your loved ones that you want to travel solo for the first time is not going to be an easy conversation. Hell, it may still be a battle the second and third time around, but with the right battle plan, it will help the conversation go a lot more smoothly.

Bear in mind that you may not get their blessing and support the first time around but if it’s important to you, keep trying. It is natural for our loved ones to feel protective and be concerned, and it mostly comes from a good place.

For parents and partners, it could be a mixture of letting go and their concerns around your safety, so you will have to reassure them that you have everything planned out. And ultimately you have thought about your safety.

In order to have the conversation, ensure that you’ve clearly mapped out what your plans are and what safety procedures you plan on taking using the guides here.

For a foolproof plan:

  • Plan Your Budget: Includes flights, accommodation, activities, insurance, and a few other prices estimates that you may look over, but could easily impact your travel budget.
  • Choose Your Destination: Researching the weather, culture, festivals, and other factors to ensure that you are visiting at the right time for you.
  • Pre-Booking Your Essentials: This includes your flights, accommodation, airport transfers, activities, and other essentials.
  • Safety Precautions: This includes setting up your travel bubble.

However, here are some talking points to help you have the conversation.

Solo Female Travel Talking Points:

  1. Explain why you want to travel solo
    1. Where are you at now mentally?
    2. What do you plan on achieving by taking this trip?
  2. Tell them what research you’ve done
    1. Other travellers that you may have spoken too for advice, i.e. via TripAdvisor or The Solo Female Traveler Network
    2. What countries/cities do you plan on visiting?
    3. Where do you plan to stay in each location?
    4. How accustomed are the locals to tourists?
  3. Reassure them on how you plan to stay safe
    1. Who do you plan to keep in your travel bubble?
    2. How often do you plan to check in?
    3. How would they be able to reach you? And you reach them?

I will emphasize again that it is crucial that you have the answers to these questions before you initiate the conversation. As you will want to prove to them, that you are independent and thoughtful enough to travel on your own, and that they should trust you.

Above all, it is important, to be honest about why you plan on taking this trip, and hopefully, this will help them to understand you better.

It is important to note that every individual and family is different. Whilst the above is a good starting point, further discussions will probably be required if your family is more conservative.

Whether it’s cultural or religious boundaries, be prepared to have this thrown your way. It would be useful to anticipate some comments and questions that your family and friends will raise in this area so that you can prepare your answers accordingly.

As I mentioned at the start, this will be a difficult conversation to have, but ultimately it is your decision. Every human was born free with different desires, and if spreading your wings is where your heart lies, then do just that.

Always remember that you are never alone. There is a wide community of solo female travellers out there cheering you on, and if you require any support just ask. Happy Travels!

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