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Trying to choose your travel destinations is one of the most thrilling yet sometimes stressful processes to consider when planning your travels. Ensure you’ve read the Ultimate Guide To Travel Budget before choosing your next travel destinations.

Below are my top 10 tips to take the stress away and help you choose where your next travel destinations should be.

For further information, be sure to read my individual Travel Destination Guides, for specific information in relation to each city and country.

9 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Travel Destinations

1. Language

Language could be a barrier or a door opener to another culture. For some, the thought of speaking another language is daunting whilst for others it’s exhilarating. Either way, this is a crucial factor to consider.

As a first time traveller, you may want to visit a country that is accustomed to your first language. This could be because it’s native to them or because they are used to having tourists from your home country.

However, if you’re feeling brave and you have enough time to learn the basics of the language, then by all means go for it. Technology has advanced so much that if you do get stuck you could always use a translation app like Google Translate to get by. Though be mindful, that they may not always be 100% accurate and you may require an internet connection.

2. Weather

You may have chosen the right destinations, however, it may be the wrong time to travel there. Be sure to research what seasons they have, and what months do they run through. Also, double-check if they are prone to mother nature’s wrath, and is there a period where it’s predicted to get worse.

If you’re travelling to an island prone to earthquakes, be sure you know what to do in an earthquake. If you are close to the ocean, be sure you understand how an earthquake can cause a Tsunami. And what signs to look out for and where you should seek shelter.

3. Travel Restrictions

Whilst travelling after a disaster could land you the cheapest prices, it may not be the best time to travel. Not to mention that there may be restrictions in place.

Always check yours and the destination’s government website for any travel advice, restrictions, or entry requirements that may in place. If you have any questions, reach out to the relevant embassy in your country.

These could include visas, proof of insurance or vaccines or any other supporting documentation that is required for you to gain entry to the country.

4. Festivals

Many travellers won’t have the chance to visit a country numerous times, so they may want to experience it (or avoid it during) during a festival to see the country come to life.

Be sure to check if there are any around the time you plan to travel, so you could plan your travels according to it.

5. Time Zone

Some travellers have a harder time adjusting to new time zones than others, which could hugely impact the destination they choose to travel too.

If you are travelling for a few days, be sure to choose a travel destination not too far from your time zone, so that you aren’t jet-lagged the entire time. However, if you have more time on your hands, take your pick. Though do factor jet lag into your travel plans.

6. Safety

One of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing your travel destinations is safety. If you are travelling alone you may want to consider if your chosen destination is

  • Accustomed to tourist
  • Safe for a female travelling on her own
  • Prone to crimes or scams targeted at tourists.

Whilst the majority of people you meet on your travels will be friendly, there are some bad seeds out there. Just like there is at home. You may want to reach out to other travellers via Facebook travel groups or TripAdvisor to gain their opinion.

7. Travel Style

What is your travel style?

  • Creature of comfort that seeks luxury and lazy days on the beach
  • Adrenaline junkie that craves jumping out of planes or off cliffs
  • History buff that loves visiting old architectures and historical sights
  • Yoga bunny looking for a zen getaway

Whether it’s one of the above or anything else, be sure there are enough activities to suit your travel style, when choosing your travel destination. The last thing you want is to end up somewhere that doesn’t feed your soul.

8. Planning Style

There’re two camps here. There’s some that love to plan like me and then there are others that prefer to take each day as it comes. However not every travel destination may be suitable for the latter.

If you plan on travelling somewhere that’s a bit more rural or not as developed, some level of planning would be required to get around. Again double check how easy it is to get around and speak to more experienced travellers to gauge their opinion.

I tend to use Google Maps and local travel sites to understand a country’s travel infrastructure and determine how feasible my travel plans are.

9. Laws & Culture

Each country has their own laws and culture unique to their own land. Some may be stricter about adhering to their rules whilst others may be more flexible to tourists. Failure to abide by these laws, or causing offense to their culture could sometimes lead to a criminal charge. Even speaking ill of an individual could be a criminal offence in some countries

If you’re travelling to a country that is full of culture or stricter laws, ensure that you’re familiar with them to avoid causing offence. Some may require you to cover up before visiting cultural sites. This may involve covering your hair as well as your body, so ensure that you’re comfortable with this before visiting. Whilst it may not be what you’re accustomed to, it is their culture, so please be respectful.

10. Dietary Restrictions

I have kept one this until last, as I have seen this be such a deal-breaker for a lot of my family and friends. If halal meat isn’t readily available, they are not going. They refuse to be vegetarians even if it’s for a couple of days.

If you have a dietary restriction, you need to bear in mind that not every country could tailor to your needs. However, there may be a handful of restaurants scattered around your chosen destination that could tailor to your needs, but some research would be required here.

If you found this helpful, be sure to check out my other travel planning guides.

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  1. I think you miss some important things as below:
    1, Cultures of Destination.
    2, The law of the country you travel to.
    You cannot break their law, or something is normal in your culture but it’s not acceptable in their culture can lead you to some problem on your holidays.

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