Popular festivals in Hungary worth travelling for.

Heading to Budapest or the wider Hungary area and wondering what festival and events are on? Here’s a list of The Most Popular Festivals in Hungary Worth Travelling For.

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6 Popular Festivals & Events In Budapest Hungary

Popular Festivals In Budapest Hungary
Popular Festivals In Budapest Hungary

1. Budapest Christmas Fair And Winter Festival

Location: Budapest, Vörösmarty tér, 1051 Hungary

When: December

The Budapest Christmas Fair and Winter Festival is home to one of the largest Christmas Markets in Budapest Hungary. Making this one of the most popular festivals in Hungary worth travelling for.

Every year The Christmas Fair arrives at Vörösmarty Square in the heart of the city transforming it into a Winter Christmas Market Wonderland.

Visiting the Christmas Markets in Europe is on every traveller’s bucket list, and the Budapest Christmas Fair Market is no exception.

2. Budapest Spring Festival

When: April

The Budapest Spring Festival takes place in April every year and lasts for three weeks.

This is a cultural festival playing host to Hungarian artists and international artists drawing in classical music, opera, and jazz fans from all over the world.

There are around 40 venues including public spaces, parks, and squares, so you can still get lots of sightseeing whilst attending the festival.

3. Danube Carnival

Location: Budapest, 1138 Hungary

When: June

The Danube Carnival is a 10 day festival of folk and world music held in mid June every year.

Given that Hungary is a country rich in folk traditions, The Danube Carnival offers traditional and contemporary dance shows and concerts across many genres.

The festival puts on performances from around 200 performers every year, on the open-aired stage in Margaret Island Budapest. This will be a perfect spot to add to your travel itinerary when visiting Budapest during the Summer.

4. Sziget Music Festival

Location: Budapest, 1033 Hungary

When: August

The Sziget Festival is one of the most popular annual music festivals in Budapest, which takes place in August. If music lovers plan on travelling to Hungary for a festival, this is the one.

It has a first class lineup with some of the most famous artists in every genre, which draws in a large crowd from all over Europe. And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, Sziget takes place on Obudai island, where you can enjoy a week filled with events.

5. Budapest Festival of Folk Arts

Location: Buda Castle, Budapest, Szent György tér 2, 1014 Hungary

When: August

The Budapest Festival of Folk arts is an annual event held around Buda Castle.

This festival takes place in mid August and lasts for 3 – 5 days, where folk artists from all around Hungary showcase their tricks and talents. And if that wasn’t enough, you will also be able to see the craft skills that have been passed down through many generations.

6. Jewish Cultural Festival in Budapest

Location: Budapest, Síp u. 12, 1075 Hungary

When: August

The Jewish Cultural Festival In Budapest is an annual art festival drawing in a large crowd. This takes place at the end of Summer from late August until early September.

The Jewish Cultural Festival in Budapest showcases Jewish traditions and cultures in the form of theatrical plays, music, and dance.

7. CAFe Budapest

When: October

CAFe Budapest is a contemporary art festival held in Budapest every year in October.

This was previously known as the Budapest Autumn Festival. But today it celebrates the work of Bela Bartok, a Hungarian born composer.

This festival lasts over two weeks and there are mini concerts held in over 40 venues across Budapest. During this time you will be able to enjoy over 200 events, so there will be something for every taste.

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