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Singapore, a city state that is alive both day and night. If you’re heading to Singapore at night, you’re probably wondering what things are there to in Singapore at night? Well this article will help you to answer that question. Whether you are sending one night in Singapore or more, there will be plenty of things to keep you entertained.

FAQ About Singapore At Night

Is it safe to walk around Singapore at night

Singapore at night
Singapore streets at night

I visited Singapore as a solo female traveller, meaning, I was travelling around Singapore completely alone. Whether it was day or night, not once did I feel threatened, scared or was I harassed.

In fact, Singapore has such strict laws, that the local Singaporeans, ex-pats, and tourists visiting Singapore strictly abide by them. Whether it was local friends, taxi drivers, or the random aunty asking about my travels (once they’ve noticed my camera set up), everyone reassured me that safety is the one thing that I don’t have to worry about when travelling in Singapore.

So in short, is it safe to walk around Singapore at night? Yes, it is perfectly safe to walk around Singapore at night, even as a solo traveller.

The Ultimate Top 10 Safety Travel Tips for any travel destination.

Is it safe to eat at night markets in Singapore

Singapore street food
Singapore street food

One of the best ways to experience Singapore is by having a meal at their food markets, in particular their hawkers centers. If you have visited other countries in Asia, you should also be accustomed to night markets. Hawker centers is simply Singapore’s answer to Asia’s night food markets.

Whether you opt to eat at a hawker centre or a night market, due to its popularity it is safe to eat one at night. There will always be people around, so you won’t feel unsafe.

You may also be interested in my 5 Days In Krabi Travel Guide, featuring Krabi’s night market.

Does Singapore Airlines provide accommodation for a long layover at night

If you’re stopping in Singapore for just one night and you’re wondering whether Singapore Airlines provide accommodation for a long layover? Well unfortunately that’s not a straight answer.

It depends on what route you are flying, the length of your layover/stopover in Singapore, and whether it’s out of choice or not. To be on the safe side I would highly recommend that you speak directly with Singapore Airlines to find out if you are eligible.

However, if you choose to spend one night in Singapore on your stopover, Singapore Airlines offer these packages. With the cheapest package starting at $35 SGD per person.

What Are The Main Singapore Night Attractions

For the main question and purpose of this article, we will be answering what are the main Singapore night attractions? By telling you the places to visit at night in Singapore.

Dinner At Night In Singapore

For the first Singapore night attraction, we will be looking for food. After all, when you’re travelling, one of the best ways to experience a country is by feasting on its local cuisines. And the best way to experience Singapore’s food scene is by heading to a hawkers centre or a night market.

Dinner At Singapore’s Night Markets

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Dinner At Singapore’s Hawker Centres

  • Chinatown Complex Food Centre: 335 Smith St, Singapore 050335
  • Old Airport Road Food Centre: 51 Old Airport Rd, Singapore 390051
  • Maxwell Road Hawker Centre: 1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184
  • Golden Mile Food Centre: 505 Beach Rd, Singapore 199583
  • Newton Food Centre: Newton, Singapore

Lau Pa Sat Singapore Satay Street

Singapore Lau Pa Sat Satay Street
Singapore Lau Pa Sat Satay Street

Or for something different, why don’t you head to Lau Pa Sat. Come nightfall, the entire street transforms into an open-aired food haven serving all things Satay.

The street is filled with tables and chairs set along the road surrounded by at least 10 hawker stalls selling Satay and other Singaporean specialities. If you weren’t hungry yet, as soon as you arrive, the smell of the grilled skewers in the air will surely work up an appetite.

If you are new to satay, it’s grilled sticks of marinated meat that’s served alongside dipping sauces and other garnishes. And let me tell you, nowhere serves up satay like Lau Pa Sat, I still dream of those satay sticks until today. Between 4 petite girls, we easily demolished at least 50 satay skewers.

If you want to taste this local satay skewer speciality, Lau Pa Sat is the place. And for my Muslim travellers, you will be happy to know that the variety of meat served at Lau Pa Sat is Halal.

Singapore Gardens By The Bay Rhapsody

Singapore Gardens by The Bay Rhapsody
Singapore Gardens by The Bay Rhapsody

By day, the Gardens by The Bay is every nature lover’s dream. And by night, it transforms into a futuristic scene that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into Avatar.

TIP: Don’t knock off the nighttime visit if you also plan on visiting during the day, as they are two completely different experiences.

At 7 pm and 10 pm every day, you will see the Supertree Grove transform in tune to the Garden Rhapsody. This one of Singapore’s main night attractions, where a 15 minutes light and sound show will keep you entertained, with plenty of photo opportunities.

If you happen to miss the Rhapsody show, don’t worry, the Supertree Grove will still be lit up for the night.

Supertree Grove OCBC Skyway

Singapore Gardens by The Bay & OCBC Skyway
Singapore Gardens by The Bay & OCBC Skyway

For an alternative view of Singapore’s Supertree Grove at night, enjoy a stroll along the 22-metre high OCBC skyway. From here you can enjoy panoramic views of the Gardens by The Bay as well as the Marina Bay Skyline.

Whether day or night, this activity should definitely be on your list to do when visiting Singapore.

You can book your slot and pre-purchase your tickets for Gardens By The Bay and OCBC Skyway online here.

Singapore Skyline At Night From Ce La Vi

Singapore skyline at night from Ce La Vi
Singapore skyline at night from Ce La Vi

Ce La Vi is a sky view restaurant featuring a skybar and sky lounge situated within Marina Bay Sands, offering you the best views of the Singapore skyline at night.

Whilst the Marina Bay Sands is at the top of every visitor’s attraction list, the famous infinity pool and sky park that it boasts is out of most traveller’s budget.

So for a cheaper alternative, you can head to the Ce La Vi sky lounge which is also located at the top of Marina Bay Sands playing neighbour to the infinity pool. With this little trick, you can enjoy Singapore’s skyline at night without paying the heftier price.

Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari
Singapore Night Safari

You may have seen many city zoos, but have you ever seen a safari right in the heart of the city? That’s exactly what Singapore’s zoo transforms into come nightfall, making it one of the must-see attractions when visiting Singapore.

From lions and rhinos to elephants, there are lots to see and do here at night. And the best part, you get to enjoy most of the Night Safari attractions from the comfort of your own guided tram ride.

And when the tram ride is over, there’s a fishing cat trail to uncover. Did I mention that were night shows on throughout the night?

You can buy your Singapore Night Safari Ticket With Tram Ride here.

Rainforest Lumina At Singapore Zoo

Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Night Safari
Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Night Safari

The Rainforest Lumina is a night walk on the wild side consisting of mesmerising multisensory audiovisual installations, to create an immersive experience.

Whilst you won’t see any of the Singapore Zoo habitants on this walk, be prepared to see animals made completely out of light, that will make you question is it real or fake?

If you are visiting the Night Safari at Singapore Zoo, then be sure to visit the Rainforest Lumina experience. If I dare say, I enjoyed this more than the night safari itself. Though, it’s probably because of all the photo opportunities and how captivated I was by the entire experience.

This is not to say that the Singapore Night Safari isn’t worth a visit. I have seen nothing like it before, and I guarantee you haven’t either. I just feel like both experiences work very well together.

The Veiled Explorer Takeaway

When visiting Singapore at night, there are lots of night attractions to choose from. From open-aired hawker centres to viewing Singapore’s skyline from atop of the Marina Bay Sands, there is something for every traveller’s taste and budget.

Will you be visiting Singapore at night? Leave a comment down below.

Things To Do In Singapore At Night

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