Who knew that six months on we would still be facing the same issue?! Not me for sure. I thought come summer, COVID would have been a thing of the past and I would have been trotting off onto my next travels. Though as we have it, it is the new normal and we’re having to adapt, which only means one thing. It’s Staycation Season, and I’m headed to The Landmark in London.

To kick things off, I decided to test the waters and take a half-hour Uber ride, to The Landmark in London for a weekend staycation. As I was feeling quite anxious to reenter into society, I wanted to ensure that I chose somewhere where I both felt safe and I could truly wind down from the madness, without completely breaking the bank.

Reasons of Choice:
  • Close to home, just in case things took a turn for the worse
  • AA Covid-19 Confident Accreditation
  • The Spa is open! and operating in a COVID Safe manner
  • Halal Status: Chicken Only, Room Service and at The Winter Garden Restaurant

TIP: Check the hotel website for any exclusive deals, as most Hotels are now offering ‘staycation specials’. The landmark has a fantastic deal running at the moment, allowing you a discounted package if you become a ‘friends of the landmark’, with a complimentary upgrade, 10% off all spa treatments and breakfast included.

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Checked in For a Staycation at The Landmark, what next?

Slip into a pair of fluffy robe and slippers, and order room service.

Nothing else screams THE HOTEL LIFE, like getting cosy in a fluffy robe. This allowed me to immediately disconnect and feel like I was truly away, despite being very close to home.

Apple Crumble
Cinnamon Apple Crumble & Custard

I wasn’t feeling ready to head down to dinner yet, so to commence the feast, I ordered a Margherita Pizza to my room and topped it off with a Cinnamon Apple Crumble and Custard in bed. The crunch of the crumble, topped with the tangy apple and the warmth of the cinnamon and custard, was just divine!

Get a massage, or two

This weekend, without a doubt, was going to be a pamper weekend. So on Friday evening, I had a Head, Back and Shoulder Massage to wind down for the weekend. Damn was this painful! After months of working from a poorly adjusted desk at home, my shoulders were stiffer than stiff. However, I highly recommend trying it.

Massage Table
Spa Treatment Room

It felt painfully bruised for the entire night and the next day, that was until I had the Hot & Cold Stone Massage. My god was this heaven. After the masseuse had loosened up my muscles, she used two stones, one hot and one cold, one after the other in very swift motions. This was meant to replicate the benefits of hot and cold rooms therapy. Whilst the sensation felt foreign at the time, it was incredibly relaxing, and I walked out of there feeling much lighter, almost like the lock-down weight didn’t even happen ?.

Have Breakfast at The Winter Garden

On Saturday morning, I was finally feeling brave enough to venture amongst the other guests and head down to The Winter Garden Restaurant for breakfast. I mean, a complimentary breakfast including bakery, who can say no to that?

Waffle O’Clock
Pancakes With a View

The staff were incredibly attentive and ensured that everyone was socially distant (not that there were many people anyways) whilst still being seated with a wonderful view. A single usage menu was provided with an endless list of options to choose from. Although, their buffet option wasn’t on offer, they sure as hell did make up for it, ensuring there was something for everyone.

Head out to Regents Park for a Midday walk

The Japanese Garden Island

Whilst this was meant to be a quick trip to the park to cure my itchy feet, I was rewarded with wonderful views that I didn’t even know existed so close to home. Let alone so close to The Landmark. The boating lake and The Japanese Garden Island really stole the show for me. This was topped off by the sound of families and friends laughing together, ducks quacking away, the sun beating down and the waterfall flowing through, leading to a calm sense of serenity.

Want a more adventurous day out? London Zoo has the answer

I know it’s supposed to be a staycation at The Landmark, but not too far from the Landmark, is ZSL. The London Zoo offers a fun-filled day out for anyone of any age. From the penguins dotted across the beach, to the Giraffes lazily wandering around, there is plenty to experience before ending your trip and heading home.

COVID-19 Note:

All guests are subjected to a temperature check upon entering and re-entering the hotel. The staff would remain outside the room when they would deliver my room service, the spa would only allow up to three households onto their premises at one time, including the pool and treatment rooms. Swim times and treatments had to be pre-booked and a mask was required to be worn at all times. All in all, I felt very safe throughout my stay.

The Veiled Explorer Takeaway

To summarise, if you’re looking for a luxury solo staycation in London, then be sure to head to The Landmark London. And with it being Covid-19 secure, it will be the perfect post lockdown getaway.

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