The Wild Carrot, Food Appreciation Post

Throw out all the prejudice you have against fine dining restaurants, where we tend to expect good food in a stiff, and uncomfortable environment. As The Wild Carrot Restaurant is about to change it all.

The service in this place is second to none! Every meal came with a side of conversation and laughter by our servers. This allowed us to feel relaxed and be ourselves and just enjoy the food, moment, and scenery.

Tip: Make all of your restaurants booking via The Four Seasons App or The Wild Carrot website. At the time of booking, ensure that you mention your allergies and dietary requirements if you have any.

Breakfast at The Wild Carrot Restaurant

Bakery Bowl with Banana Bread, Pain au Raisin, Pain au Cholcoat
Bakery Bowl

For starters, let’s talk about breakfast. Upon arrival, we were given a disposal menu, and our drinks order was taken. Shortly after a complimentary bakery basket was brought to our table. As they were unable to serve their breakfast buffet in light of COVID, this was a very welcomed alternative. Did I mention how I looked forward to this moment every morning!?

Meat and Cheese Plate
Meat & Cheese Plate

Shortly after, our order was taken. You have a wide range of items to choose from, including a continental breakfast that came with a plateful of Halal chicken and beef cold cut meats and cheese. If you prefer something a little sweeter, Opt for a hearty plate of pancakes. You’ll have a wide range of toppings, such as Nutella or bananas to choose from.

Poached Eggs and Tomatoes
Poached Eggs

If none of that tickles your fancy, go ahead and order the two eggs made your way. This comes on a bed of hash browns with a side of your choice so obviously, I chose baked beans. Traditionally this comes with bacon and pork sausages. As this isn’t suitable for a Halal diet, they replaced this with some extra baked beans and mushrooms.

Tip: Don’t forget to mop up everything with a slice of toast smeared with the luscious Farmer’s butter provided. You will not regret it!

To top it off, after our first meal here, the staff knew who we were and would recognise us at every meal thereafter. This really did add a personal touch to the experience.

Lunch at The Wild Carrot Restaurant


Lunch usually happened on the patio outside, after a hearty breakfast followed by a long walk in the midday sun. So all we could really think about where lemonades and fries if we had any room for food at all that is.

However, you do have a lengthy restaurant menu and an all-day bar menu to choose from. This consists of Burgers, fish, and other meat items. So rest assured, there is always a veggie option on offer too.

Chicken and Mash in Mushroom Sauce
Chicken and Mash Potatoes in Mushroom Sauce

On the last day, I caved and went all out and boy did I not regret it. I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER EVER enjoyed chicken cooked outside my home as I did at this meal.

My chicken was perfectly cooked on the inside with no pink spots or an odd ‘chickeny taste’ (if you know, you know), and then perfectly grilled on the outside for a crisp but not fatty exterior. Not to mention, this sits on a bed of mash potatoes and comes in an equally delightful mushroom sauce. Believe me, when I tell you there was nothing left on that plate. Hungry yet??

Dinner at The Wild Carrot Restaurant

Dinner was a wonderful affair, where we were seated on the patio in the warm afternoon heat, with a direct view of the pink and purple skies floating above the greenery. (Yes, this a reference to Harleys in Hawaii by Katy Perry, which has proudly become my anthem for the summer).

Tip: Rip open that doggy bag that arrives at your table just after you sit, and help yourself to some freshly baked bread. Look out for the olive bread, it’s definitely a winner.

After we had taken in the sunset, we were ready to order and that’s when I noticed that they had steak on the menu. My heart literally skipped a beat! I haven’t had steak in over a year and the anticipation was getting to be a little too much, so of course, I ordered it.

Steak and Potatoes
Steak and Roast Potatoes

Now, I like my steak VERY well done, and most places tend to take this as let’s burn the meat and serve it to her. But sweet lord, do the Wild Carrot know how to serve a good steak. It was JUICY, but yet so well done and full of flavour. The rush of emotions between appreciating how good it was and feeling sad knowing that I won’t be able to have this again after returning home was too much. So I chose to focus on the moment and just appreciate the meal.

The steak came with a hearty side of roast potatoes, sitting on a bed of spinach and a serving of aioli sauce served on the side. I cannot stress enough how flavourful this was. If anyone is a steak fan, definitely give it a go.

Grilled Broccoli in Pea Soup
Grilled Broccoli in Pea Soup

Fancy a vegetarian alternative? mum went for the grilled broccoli and absolutely loved it. Let me introduce mum, an even pickier eater than myself, who is even fussier when it comes to eating meat outside the home. But trust me when I tell you she ate everything on that plate and raved about it. Pea Soup and all.

Dessert at The Wild Carrot

For others, dessert may be a bit of pudding to sweeten the taste buds after a meal, but for me this is the main affair. A good dessert is a happy Noor?

So I made it a point to try most, if not all of the desserts that The Wild Carrot had to offer and they didn’t disappoint.

Blueberry Eton Mess
Blueberry Eton Mess

For starters, a moment of appreciation for The Blueberry Eton Mess that was recommended to us by our wonderful waiter. We loved this so much, so we ordered it three more times before the trip was over. The tart flavour of the blueberries, offset by the sweet chewy meringue, married together with the richness of the cream, truly did hit the comfort spot on a hot summer’s day or evening.

Grilled Mango Dessert Basil Sorbet
Grilled Mango with Basil Sorbet

Now let’s move our attention to another fruity number, the Roasted Mango. This came served with coconut foam sitting on a bed of pineapple, topped with Thai basil sorbet, and was carefully draped by some of the most tantalising mangoes that I have ever tasted. If you’re after an explosion of flavour in your mouth, this one is for you.

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