Maconde Viewpoint Mauritius

Mauritius, the tropical island located on the East coast of Africa, is famed for its white sand and the blue Indian Ocean that surrounds its shores. Whilst this attracts honeymooners in their masses each year, Mauritius is so much more than just a honeymoon or luxurious all-inclusive holiday destination. It’s an island that promises history, nature, culture, and endless adventures. And with that, I present to you the Top 42 Best & Fun Things To Do In Mauritius.

And what better than to be introduced to the top sights and activities to do in Mauritius than by a Mauritian? Well, that’s precisely what you’re getting here. From my family’s local knowledge of the island to my touristic thirst for adventure, I promise to share with you all of our favourite things to do in Mauritius. And yes, that includes my family’s secret spots.

From solo travellers to honeymooners, adventurous couples and even the family holidaymakers, this list of activities will guarantee you a fun and memorable experience on Ile Maurice.

Map Of 42 Things To Do In Mauritius

Here’s a map of the Top 42 Things To Do In Mauritius. You can easily download it here and embed it into your own Google Maps.

Where To Stay In Mauritius

Deciding where to stay in Mauritius can be tricky. Whilst the North has some of the best beaches, the South has a lot of the top tourist activities. In order to benefit from both, I would highly recommend splitting your stay between the North and the South. Especially if you don’t want to spend a large portion of your budget on taxis.

TOP TIP: Although the island of Mauritius is tiny, it can easily take you over an hour just to go from East to West.

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Local Flavours And Shopping In Mauritius

When travelling to any country, what better way is there to experience the local culture by eating your way through the local cuisine? Well, Mauritius is no exception. With its deep and intertwined multicultural landscape, Mauritius offers flavours from across the globe.

From French baked goods for breakfast to a fusion of Chinese, African and Indian cuisines for lunch, tea time and dinner, there are lots of food and gajaks (Mauritian snacks) to try here. And you would find most of these restaurants and street food in Port Louis.

Muslim travellers: You’ll be happy to know that the majority of food outlets across the island of Mauritius are halal. If you want to verify a restaurant’s halal status, you’ll most often than not see the certificate hanging on the wall. However, if you’re ever unsure, just free to ask.

1. Le Caudan Waterfront

When I think of the first thing to do when visiting Mauritius, Caudan is what comes to mind. This is a large waterfront shopping complex in the heart of Port Louis. It comes complete with all types of stores, a local arts & crafts market and of course, international and Mauritian food outlets in the food court overlooking the harbour.

Whether you want to experience chicken tikka roti wraps, mine frite (Chinese fried noodles) or other local dishes, the food court at Caudan is a great introduction to Mauritian cuisine.

TOP TIP: Although there is a money exchanger here, I highly recommend withdrawing money from the HSBC ATM located near the casino for the best rates.

2. Plaine Verte

Not too far from Caudan, you’ll find Plaine Verte. The central hub for locals. And with it being such a popular location, you will have no problem finding food here. From lychee vendors in December to all year round roti and dholl puri street vendors, you’ll never go hungry.

However, it’s the bakeries here that holds my attention. Whilst most locals may divert you to Nabeel, a bakery for sweet goods on the main road, my tried and tested favourite will always be Al Fayaz. From chicken, cheese and meat filled naan kheema breads to traditional Mauritian baked goods you’ll find it all here.

TOP TIP: Do try one of the filled naan breads for a touch of savoury and the custard filled pastry for a sweet touch. Want to try something more? Ask for a tarte banane, puit d’amour or napolitaine.

3. La Rue Desforges – Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Street Port Louis

And not too far from Plaine Verte, you’ll find another street popular with the locals. La Rue Desforges. This is a street that has stood the test of time. From old Chinese and clothing stores to modern eateries and street food vendors, you’ll find it all here.

If you’re after some serious shopping, this is the place to get the best prices for local goods. I highly recommend going with a Mauritian companion if possible, in order to get the best prices.

Don’t have a Mauritian companion? Well, not all is lost. Why don’t you try a street food tour of Port Louis?

Port Louis Street Food Tour

Viator Port Louis Street Food Tour


  • Small Walking Group Tour
  • Tasting Mauritian Style Roti
  • Sipping On Fresh Sugar Cane Juice
  • And Much More

4. Chinatown Mauritius

If you want a taste of the Far Eastern culture that is embedded so deep into the Mauritian culture, then head to no other than Chinatown. Located just off La Rue Desforges, close to Jummah Mosque, you’ll see the signature red gate that welcomes you into Chinatown.

From authentic Chinese delicacies passed through generations to fresh goods and raw building materials, (yup, you read that right), you’ll get it all here. It’s amazing to see how our Chinese ancestors established themselves on the island whilst staying true to their roots.

TOP TIP: Be sure to try out the all time favourive Chinese-Mauritian street food, boulette. From meat filled boulette to vegetarian ones, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your taste.

Note: For those who abide by a Halal diet, please note that most of the Chinatown eateries are not Halal. But you’ll find lots of Halal Chinese cuisines at shopping malls and food courts.

5. Port Louis Central Market – Alouda Pillay

Central Market, known locally as the ‘grand bazaar’, is the beating heart of Port Louis. Well before you approach it, you will know you are there. From the loud chatter to the pungent smells, it will be a fun abuse of your senses. So come prepared.

Here is where you’ll be able to buy your spices, souvenirs, arts & crafts, clothes and shoes. You name it, you’ll find it. However, it’s the Alouda Pillay (a beloved Mauritian milkshake top with ice cream and jelly) that I come here for. I promise you, standing there in that heat, you’ll finish your glass of alouda in under a minute.

TOP TIP: Whilst Mauritius is a relatively safe place, be mindful of pick pocketers when immersed in the crowds.

6. Snack Shop

Whilst there isn’t one specific shop to head too, the best way to get a real flavour of the snacks Mauritians thrive on, is to head to a snack shop. You will find these all over Port Louis, and there are many exotic snacks to choose from.

One thing you may quickly realise though, is that the majority of Mauritian snacks are either from China or other East Asian countries. Though this shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Sino-Mauritians are many and plentiful in Mauritius.

Looking for some inspiration to try or take back home with you from Mauritius? Ask for Pop Pop, salangi, tamarind sweet, moolkoo, baguette fromage and the beloved instant noodles, mine Apollo. I mean, can you really say you’ve been to Mauritius without trying these snacks?

TOP TIP: You’ll need to bring your own bag here. Think large tote bags to store all your goodies in.

7. Bagatelle Mall Of Mauritius

Bagatelle is the new and popular kid on the block, that has totally stolen the shine from Caudan. Located in Moka, just south of Port Louis, Bagatelle Mall is very easily accessed. Not only can you shop till you drop here, but you can find all day dining, bowling, cinema and even live events if you visit on the right day.

TOP TIP: Whilst malls may be a dreaded day out in London, it’s a popular day out for Mauritians. If you’re fond of people watching, this may just be the spot.

8. La Croisette Shopping Mall

If one mall isn’t enough, why not head to the popular mall in the North? La Croisette. Located in the vicinity of Grand Baie, the popular beach location, it makes La Croisette the perfect dinner spot after a long day at the beach.

Like Bagatelle, you’ll find endless fashion and wellness stores, restaurants, a food court and even a cinema.

Nature & Scenic Sights In Mauritius

Being a tropical island, Mauritius is filled with endless activities for nature lovers. From the most popular green attractions to my family favourites, here are some of my favourite things to do in Mauritius.

And for my fellow photographer friends, have your camera at the ready, as Mauritius will be serving you endless beautiful sights.

9. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden
Ⓒ Noor | The Veiled Explorer | Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden

When thinking of a fun day out in nature, the first thing that often comes to mind is a day out at SSR Botanical Garden in Pamplemousse. Located just north of Port Louis, you’ll be able to see all manner of exotic flowers and plants here. Some have even been planted by British royalty like Princess Margaret.

However, the main draw here is the large lily pads floating along the rectangular pond at the centre of the garden. If that wasn’t enough, you can even pay respect to the forefather of Mauritius, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam. The first prime minister of Mauritius. Close to his burial ground, you’ll even find a French château, Le Chateau de Mon Plaisir.

TOP TIP: If you’re after a free entry to the Pamplemousse Botanical Garden, then be sure to visit on a Sunday.

10. Albion Lighthouse Viewpoint

Albion Lighthouse Mauritius
Ⓒ Noor | The Veiled Explorer | Albion Lighthouse Mauritius

Whilst this is more of a quick stop off than the main event, the view from Albion Lighthouse is one that photographers won’t want to miss. From above, you can see the waves crashing against the rocky shores. And from below, you get dramatic views of the lighthouse sitting atop of the cliff with the ocean at its feet.

TOP TIP: If you visit during opening hours, you’ll be able to climb up the lighthouse.

11. Trou Aux Cerfs

Trou Aux Cerf is a dormant volcano located in Curepipe Mauritius. It is believed to have been formed less than 2 million years ago in the same volcanic eruption that formed the island of Mauritius. It is estimated to be between 300 – 350 metres in diameter and 80-100 meters deep.

And no, be rest assured that you won’t be won’t be greeted with a fiery explosion, as Trou Aux Cerf is a lush green forest. But it is predicted to erupt in the next 1000 years. So if you have ever wanted to get up close to a green volcano, now is your chance.

TOP TIP: Whilst it’s unsafe to simply walk down the volcano, the 3600 views from the top are spectacular.

12. Tamarind Falls Hike

Tamarind Falls, also known locally as ‘7 cascades’ i.e. 7 waterfalls, is also located within the Curepipe region in Mauritius. Just like it’s neighbour Trou Aux Cerf, Tamarind falls is also known for its lush green scenery.

However, the best way to explore the 7 cascades at Tamarind is by undertaking the hike down the waterfalls. Be warned that this hike isn’t for the faint-hearted, but if you do take it you’ll get to see great views and even enjoy a swim in one of the falls.

TOP TIP: If you plan to hike the Tamarind falls, I highly recommend that you opt for a guide. Especially if this is your first time, and you’re unfamiliar with the landscape.

13. Black River Gorges National Park

Located within the largest rainforest in the South West of Mauritius, is the Black River Gorges National Park. Home to over 50 km of hiking trails, Alexandra waterfall, 900 species of fauna and 9 native Mauritian birds, it’s no wonder that the National Park is the beating heart of the rainforest.

If hiking isn’t your thing, you can enjoy a leisure walk through the greenery or a lazy picnic in one of the many beautiful spots. Looking for a different type of adventure? Why not climb up the gorge to the highest peak in the national park, for the best viewpoint of the landscape down below.

TOP TIP: Whilst a guide isn’t always essential, don’t forget to take your hiking essentials. Here are some of my tried and tested favourites.

Hiking boots, Sunscreen & Insect Repellent

14. Chamarel Waterfall

A visit to the Chamarel Waterfall is not one to be missed. At 100 m high, Chamarel is famed for being the highest waterfall in Mauritius. And the best part, it’s really easy and accessible to get a glimpse of this plunging magnificence. All it takes is a three minutes walk to the primary viewing point.

Whilst a quick visit here is sufficient, it’s definitely not one to be missed.

15. Chamarel Seven Colored Earth Geopark

The 7 Coloured Earth Geopark at Chamarel is another nature activity in Mauritius not to be missed. As the name promises, here you’ll find the seven coloured earth found across Mauritius. If that in itself wasn’t enough, there’s also large tortoises and a café there to greet you.

16. Ebony Forest Reserve Chamarel

The Ebony Forest Reserve in Chamarel is a conversation project that has been silently running in the background. The passionate workers here are on a mission to try and save some of the most endangered species in Mauritius. Dodos sound familiar, anyone?

Well, after years of being a closed door establishment, they have now opened their doors to the public. When visiting today, you’ll not only see the work that the team has done to restore the forest and species that reside within it. But you can also go bird watching, hiking, trekking and even take a 4×4 guided jeep tour around the premises.

TOP TIP: Your visit to the Ebony Nature Reserve in Mauritius will directly help support the conversation project.

17. Hike Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant, is a local landmark with a deep history that offers one of the most rewarding hikes in all of Mauritius. Located in the South West of Mauritius, today you can safely walk the route once walked by slaves. Along the way, you’ll discover the beauty of the place that once gave refuge to fleeing slaves. And once you reach the top, that is where the real magic comes alive, as the view is truly breathtaking.

As always, when undertaking a hike for the first time in unknown territory, be sure to opt for a guide and bring your hiking essentials.

TOP TIP: Although your guide will undoubtedly educate you on the history that this mountain holds, it would be good to do your own research to truly appreciate the strength and suffering experienced here.

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Hiking and Climbing UNESCO Le Morne Brabant

Hiking and Climbing UNESCO Le Morne Brabant

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18. Maconde Viewpoint

Maconde Viewpoint Mauritius
Ⓒ Noor | The Veiled Explorer | Maconde Viewpoint Mauritius

As the name suggests, the Maconde viewpoint is precisely that; a viewpoint. It’s located at the edge of a curvy coastal road in the Baie Du Cap region of Mauritius near Le Morne. The viewpoint itself is a cliff edge with stairs leading to the top as if you are ascending the stairs to heaven,

And once you make it to the top, that’s where the view really comes around. From here you’ll have panoramic views of the southern coast of Mauritius. On one side you’ll have land, and on the other side you’ll have endless views of the Indian Ocean.

TOP TIP: Bring binoculars, on a good day you may even see dolphins jumping out of the ocean here.

19. Sunset at Le Morne Beach

Le Morne Brabant Beach
Ⓒ Noor | The Veiled Explorer | Le Morne Brabant Beach

After a day of hiking Le Morne Brabant or exploring other areas of Southern Mauritius, there is no better thing to do than watch the sunset at Le Morne beach. And let me tell you, the colours that you’ll see in the sky here are simply breathtaking.

Whilst there won’t be ice cream trucks and street food vendors placed along the beach, what you’ll get here are pure undisturbed views and peace.

TOP TIP: If you fancy having a sunset picnic, be sure to come prepared with your own food.

Note for Solo Female Travellers: During my visit, I found the beach to be rather quiet compared to the hustle and bustle that I’m used to. For those who may find this uncomfortable, I’ll recommend having your guide or taxi driver waiting nearby.

20. Rivière Des Galets Beach In Mauritius

Pebble Beach Mauritius
Ⓒ Noor | The Veiled Explorer | Pebble Beach Mauritius

Whilst Mauritius is famed for its sandy beaches, today I bring you to a pebbled beach in Mauritius. And no, this isn’t your average pebbled British beach. This is a beach filled with beautiful black pebbles. But the beauty here lies in the way the wave crashes against its shores.

For those who are into photography, you’ll have a wonderful time here. However, I highly recommend just sitting down and taking in the sound of the oceans like the locals do.

TOP TIP: If you’re into journaling, maybe bring one along with you. You never know when your heart will want to pour out.

21. Rochester Falls Mauritius

Rochester Falls, located in the Souillac region of Mauritius, is one of the top waterfalls to see in Mauritius. Standing at 10 metres high, this cascading waterfall falls in a spectacular way and, as typical with the tropical island of Mauritius, it’s surrounded by luscious greenery.

Fair warning, it is difficult to reach the waterfalls as the path leading to it, isn’t the smoothest. If you’re hiring a car in Mauritius, I would think twice before putting it to the test. Instead, I would recommend going with a guide who will be better accustomed to the roads leading up to Rochester Falls.

22. Gris Gris Beach & Le Roche Qui Pleure

Gris Gris Mauritius
Ⓒ Noor | The Veiled Explorer | Gris Gris Mauritius

For this stop, you are getting a 2 for 1. Located just a 2 minute drive from each other, you’ll find Gris Gris Clifftop and beach as well as Le Roche Qui Pleure in the distance. Well, let’s start with the former, Gris Gris.

From the top of the cliff, you’ll see dramatic views of the multi coloured Indian Ocean viciously hitting the shoreline and cliff sides. With it’s strong magnetic vibes, I’ll bet you’ll have a hard time peeling your eyes or camera away from the view.

However, it doesn’t just end there. As you can now walk down the path to the beach to dip your toes into the shallow areas of the water.

TOP TIP: It is very unsafe to swim here, and many lives have been lost. Whilst it’s safe for adults to dip their toes into the water, I would highly recommend keeping any small kids away from the ocean and cliff sides. Be sure to always use your better judgement.

23. Pont Naturel

And now I present to you a viewpoint that is not for the faint-hearted. Pont Naturel. Located along the southern coast of Mauritius, is this naturally formed bridge sitting atop the Indian Ocean. If you love the marble effect of the white foamy waves mixed in with the blue ocean, well, you’ll be in for a treat here.

TOP TIP: This bridge is naturally formed, therefore it’s not the safest to cross. Be sure to use your best judgment.

24. Ile aux Aigrettes

Ile aux Aigrettes is an even smaller coral island located off the South East coast of Mauritius. It is home to a tropical nature reserve which provides a safe sanctuary for endangered wildlife and rare fauna. When visiting today, you’ll get the chance to have a tour of this beautiful nature reserve surrounded by the ocean.

25. Mahebourg Waterfront

The Mahebourg waterfront is in the beautiful seaside town on the South Eastern coast of Mauritius. Unlike Caudan, Mahebourg is a lot calmer and better enjoyed by those after a relaxing day or dreamy walks with the smell of the ocean in the air.

If you’re looking for something more, there’s the local bazaar, where you can enjoy beloved Mauritian street food. And if that’s not enough, there’s the Naval museum where you can learn about the historical battle that was fought here.

TOP TIP: Be sure to look out for the giant statue of Buddha that resides here.

Fun & Adventurous Things To Do In Mauritius

26. Swimming At Pereybere Public Beach

When thinking of a fun day out in Mauritius, the first thing that comes to mind will always be a day at the beach. And for the top beach spot, I present to you Pereybere. It’s a public beach located in the North West of Mauritius.

Here you’ll find white powdered sand and a large designated area of the ocean perfect for swimming. I promise, 2 hours can easily go by here before you even know it. And once you’ve had a satisfying dip in the water, be sure to look out for food trucks and vendors that will more than satisfy your appetite.

It’s no wonder that if you were to ask any Mauritian what their favourite beach is, they would say it’s Pereybere. Well, my family anyway. And oh yeah, the best part, most tourists are not even aware of its existence. So unless you are visiting on a weekend or a public holiday, you won’t have to fight for a spot here.

TOP TIP: Locate the vendor selling confit. I highly recommend that you try the pineapple confit with tamarind topping on it.

27. Diving, Flyboarding, Undersea Walking and Seabob In Grand Baie

Beach in Mauritius
Ⓒ Noor | The Veiled Explorer | Beach in Mauritius

Not far from Pereybere, I mean it’s literally the next beach down, is Grand Baie. The big sister beach, that filled with tour operators along its roads, and all manners of boats along its shorelines. Here you’ll find all the toys that you’ll need for a fun day in the ocean.

From undersea diving to walking (yes, it’s a thing) you’ll find it all here. Wanting a more James Bondesque experience? Well, you can even enjoy an afternoon of sea bobbing here. Maybe land from the heavens whilst parasailing first?

TOP TIP: Remember the good old Mauritian friend? Well if you have one now is the time to bring them out. Have a Mauritian negotiate for you if you want the best price.

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A Private Undersea Walking Experience Exclusive To Your Group For The Utmost Safety & Attention.

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28. Odysseo- Oceanarium (Mauritius) LTD

Working our way down the Western coast we are now back in the safe harbour of Port Louis and paying a visit to the newly opened Aquarium. Odysseo Oceanarium. Here you’ll get to see a glimmer of all the wonderful tropical fishes that resides in the ocean surrounding Mauritius.

If you’re from a big city like London, you may find Odysseo Mauritius a little underwhelming. But nevertheless, it makes a lovely day out. Especially on a rainy day.

29. Swimming With Wild Dolphins

What better thing is there to do when on holiday than swimming with my beloved dolphins. That too in the wild! Yes, in Mauritius you can do just that. Along the western coast in the beach town of Tamarin, you will find plenty of tour operators that can make all of your dolphin dreams come true.

TOP TIP: Whilst each tour is being run in the wild, given the popularity of the activity, it has resulted in some tour companies competing with each other to get their guests up close to these sea beauties. I highly recommend doing your research first and opting for a tour company that resonates with you.

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Ethical Dolphin & Whale Watching Experience In Mauritius

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30. Casela Nature Park

Ⓒ Noor | The Veiled Explorer | Casela

Remaining on the wild nature theme, I present to you the Casela Nature Park located in Cascavelle. Here is where all of your African safari dreams will come true from the safety of a jeep. Additionally, there’s a Predator kingdom, petting zoo, exotic birds and large tortoises. And if you need a break from it all, there are thrilling rides and a 4D cinema to keep you entertained.

TOP TIP: If, like me, you’re planning on spending just a few hours here; I would highly recommend that you adjust your plans as you’ll probably spend the whole day here.

31. Heritage Nature Reserve Bel Ombre

Heritage Nature Reserve
Ⓒ Noor | The Veiled Explorer | Heritage Nature Reserve

The Heritage Nature Reserve located in Bel Ombre is one of my newly discovered top secret destinations that is quickly becoming my favourite. Whilst the usual quad biking and other thrilling adventures are on offer here, it’s the picnic by the river that invite you to join here.

As the name suggests, it’s every bit as serene as you would imagine. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by your guide that will serve you your picnic and then make themselves sparse so that you are free to enjoy the grounds.

From dipping your toes in the river to lounging on the hammock or giant bean bags, I promise you three hours will fly before you even know it.

TOP TIP: Be sure to wear insect repellent!

32. La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park

La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park
Ⓒ Noor | The Veiled Explorer | La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park

La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park is another nature park in Mauritius offering you a day filled with thrilling activities. Here you’ll get to enjoy a quad bike tour of the premises, zip lining over the in-house waterfall or a walk along their very own Nepalese bridge up in the mountains overlooking the Indian Ocean.

However, the main draw here is the 23 coloured Earth. Yup you read that right. Whilst Chamarel offers you 7 hues of the Earth, here you’ll get 23 different shades.

TOP TIP: When you get hungry, (and you will), be sure to opt for the restaurant by the waterfall. Their burgers are some of the most scrumptious meals that I’ve had on the island.

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33. La Vanille Nature Park

We all know Mauritius loves a good nature park and La Vanille is no exception. Here you’ll be able to enjoy the reserve, visit the insectarium, Fossil and Dodo museums, feed tortoises and crocodiles. Yup you got that right. If you’re looking for an interactive crocodile experience where you’re not the dinner, you can have a go at feeding the baby crocodiles.

Want something a little more family friendly? Well, your little humans can even enjoy the kid friendly pony rides here.

34. Helicopter Tour Of The Underwater Waterfall

Away from the wild animals and nature reserves, let’s take a sky tour of Mauritius to discover something even deeper. The famous underwater waterfall. Yup, you read that right. Take a moment here to wrap your head around it, or simply go to see it for yourself from the comfort of a helicopter ride.

35. Snorkelling At Blue Bay

For an underwater adventure with your feet firmly on the ground, why not go snorkelling at Blue Bay in the Mahebourg region of Mauritius. Whilst you can enjoy snorkelling all over the island, if you were to choose just one spot, this would be it.

With a marine park nearby, your chances of seeing a wide array of fishes are very high here.

36. Parasailing At Ile Aux Cerf

Ile Aux Cerf is an island designed for the ultimate fun and relaxation. It’s located off the east coast of Mauritius and is only a short boat ride away from the mainland. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of activities including parasailing and banana boat rides.

And when lunch comes around, be rest assured, as the island bar puts on a splendid Halal Mauritian buffet come lunchtime.

TOP TIP: If one day on the island doesn’t sound like enough, well, you don’t have to leave. You can now enjoy a stay at the Bubble Lodge on Ile Aux Cerf.

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Cultural & Historical Things To Do In Mauritius

37. Château de Labourdonnais

Château de Labourdonnais is a mansion built in 1859, during the time of the British reign in Mauritius. Whilst you may be expecting a British architectural style, the château is actually inspired by Italian neoclassical architecture.

When visiting, you’ll be able to tour the mansion and garden as you learn more about the deep history of Isle de France. The former name for Mauritius.

TOP TIP: Be sure to hang around for the produce tasting at the end, you won’t regret it.

38. L’Aventure du Sucre

L'Aventure du Sucre Mauritius
Ⓒ Noor | The Veiled Explorer | L’Aventure du Sucre Mauritius

L’Aventure du Sucre is your sugary adventure, located close to the botanical gardens in Pamplemousses. Whilst you won’t find Willy Wonka here, what you will find is an old sugar mill that has now been transformed into a museum.

Whilst the techy nerd in me was super excited to see the mill and how it operates, it was the history lesson here that I really appreciated. I thought I already knew all that I needed to know about my ancestors, but this place taught me a lot more.

If you truly want to learn about the rich history of Mauritius, this is the place to come. From the various empires that ruled Mauritius, to the slavery years and modern-day development, you’ll find it all here. So be sure to plan ample time to spend here, because I promise you, you will be sucked in.

TOP TIP: At the end of your exploration, be sure to head to the gift shop, where you can taste some of the freshest sugars that Mauritius produces. Any Molasses fan? Just go ahead and buy yourself a pot of sugar, and then thank me later.

39. Citadel (Fort Adelaide)

Citadel is the fortress perched at the top of a hill in Port Louis that offers fantastic views of Port Louis. If you time your visit with the opening hours, you’ll be able to explore the inside of the fort and imagine what it would have been like once upon a time in history.

TOP TIP: If you happen to find yourself in Mauritius, this is a great FREE spot to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

40. Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Site

Located in Port Louis, just off the bay of Trou Fanfaron is Aapravasi Ghat. A modern-day heritage site that was once upon a time a living and breathing immigration depot. In a movement to replace slaves with free labour from India, Mauritius was chosen as the location for this great experiment conducted by the British government between 1834 – 1920.

And Aapravasi Ghat is the depot where these free labourers would arrive to have their fates decided. They would either be assigned to work in the sugar plantations of Mauritius, or be transferred to other parts of Africa, Caribbean or Australia.

When visiting today, you’ll be treated a to a free guided tour of the site and there are lots of fun activities for small children to get involved in.

41. Slave Route Monument Le Morne

The Slave Route Monument, at the base of Le Morne mountain, is the place to come to honour one of the most well known and unfortunately heartbreaking legend in Mauritian history. It was the day that many escaped slaves chose to jump to their death off the top of the mountain, instead of returning to a life of slavery.

And if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, little did they know that the guards that were quickly approaching them were actually coming with a message. A message that slavery has been abolished and not only are they safe, but they are finally free.

Although this story has been told and retold many times over the years, one point that has always stood the test of the time is that Mauritius was built on the backbones of slaves. And today you can visit the monument to not only honour those that were lost that day. But also honour all those innocent lives that were lost in transit aboard the slave ships or simply from carrying out their everyday tasks.

42. Manioc Biscuit factory H. Rault Co Ltd

Manioc Biscuit Factory is a family run factory that has stood the test of time. In 1868 Hilarion Rault, the son of a British settler developed a recipe for cassava biscuits. Although it was brought to the market in 1870 it wasn’t until World War I that the business really took off. With the war, basic food were unable to reach the island of Mauritius and the islanders turned to cassava for sustenance.

You would think that would cement a love for biscuit manioc in the heart of Mauritians, right? Well, as soon as the war was over and other produces started arriving at the island, cassava biscuits were again shunned by the public.

But that did not stop their drive, as the factory still stands today and is open for visitation. So why not give it a visit and decide for yourself whether cassava biscuits are a hit or miss?

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