The Hungarian Parliament

This Ultimate Hungary Travel Guide will provide you will all the information that you need to plan your trip to Hungary. From the need to know, to common Hungarian phrases, bucket list experiences, and more.

I aim for this to be the only Ultimate Travel Guide To Hungary that you need. If there’s anything else that you would like to see, be sure to leave a comment down below or contact me here.

Ultimate Hungary Travel Guide
Ultimate Hungary Travel Guide

Ultimate Hungary Travel Guide – Need To Know

Currency in Hungary: Hungarian forint

GBP to HUF conversion Rate: 1 GBP = 414 HUF

Hungary Time Zone: Central European Standard Time zone in Hungary (GMT+1)

Hungary Capital City: Budapest

Official Language of Hungary: Hungarian

Emergency Contact Number: 112

Common English To Hungarian Phrases To Know

Hello: Szia

Please: Kérem

Thank you: Köszönöm

Goodbye: Viszontlátásra

How much is this: Mennyibe kerül ez

I’m lost: Eltévedtem

I need help: Segítségre van szükségem:

Is there a restaurant nearby: Van a közelben étterem

I’m vegetarian: Vegetáriánus vagyok

Is the meat Halal: A hús Halal

Is the restaurant Halal: A Halal étterem

Does the food have alcohol in it: Van-e az ételben alkohol

I can’t have alcohol: Nem lehet alkohol

I’m allergic to seafood: Allergiás vagyok a tenger gyümölcseire:

I’m allergic to peanuts: Allergiás vagyok a mogyoróra

I need a pharmacy: Szükségem van egy gyógyszertárra

I need a doctor: Kell egy orvos

I need the police: Szükségem van a rendőrségre

Is there a toilet here: Van itt WC

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Nearby Countries In Europe Worth Travelling To From Hungary

  • Italy: You can travel to Italy from Hungary by car, train as well as flying by plane. If you choose to drive you can even travel through Croatia and Slovenia before arriving in Italy from Hungary.
  • Germany: You can travel to Germany from Hungary by car, train as well as flying by plane. If you choose to drive, you can travel via Austria and Czechia before arriving in Germany from Hungary.

TIP: If you choose to fly, RyanAir and EasyJet are two budget airlines most commonly used to travel around Europe. If you choose to take a train around Europe, you may be interested in an Eurail pass.

Ultimate Hungary Travel Guide – Planning Your Travel To Hungary

Planning your trip to Hungary? Below are two travel guides to help you choose the best time to visit Hungary. As well as the most popular festivals celebrated in Budapest Hungary in case you want to catch them too.

TIP: August is filled with warm sunny days and lots of festivals to choose from, including the Sziget Music Festival.

Ultimate Travel Planning Guides

Below you can find The Ultimate Travel Planning Guides that’s universal to every travel destination. Be sure to read my top tips to ensure you are fully prepared for your travels.

Ultimate Hungary Travel Guide – What To Do In Hungary

The Hungarian Parliament
The Hungarian Parliament Budapest
Lillafured Hungary
Lillafured Hungary
Eger Hungary
Eger Hungary
Debrecen Hungary
Szeged Hungary
Szeged Hungary
Heviz Hungary
Heviz Hungary
Tapolca Hungary
Pecs Hungary

The Ultimate Top 5 Hungary Bucket List

1. Budapest – Have a piping hot chimney cake at Fisherman’s Bastion

The first spot on The Ultimate Hungary Bucket List goes to Fisherman’s Bastion. Personally, this is my favourite little picturesque spot perfect for any fairytale lover or travel photographer. And if you combine this with fresh bakery, we have a winner.

Chimney cakes are a traditional Hungarian pastry that is wrapped around a wooden spool, and is then slowly turned over an open fire. And luckily for us, we can kill two birds with one stone, as you can enjoy your cake whilst enjoying the view.

2. Budapest – Bathe In Thermal Water

Okay I’m cheating a little by including two bucket list items in Budapest. But, you can’t visit the city of spas without enjoying at least one. You can bathe in the Thermal Waters at many locations in Budapest, but my favourite has to be Rudas Baths as it comes complete with a view.

I’ve detailed this out in the 3 Days In Budapest Long Weekend Itinerary.

3. Tapolca – A Boat Ride On Lake Cave Tapolca

Stepping away from the big city, for the third spot on our Hungary Bucket List, we are travelling to Tapolca.

Tapolca is a beautiful town revolving around Malom Lake and its breathtaking scenery. However, the top attraction here is going underground and paying a visit to the Lake Cave. This is a unique experience where you will take a boat ride on the crystal water with the cave top hanging closely above.

4. Pecs – People Watching & Museum Hopping In Szechenyi Ter

Next up on the Hungary Bucket List we are travelling to Szechenyi Ter in Pecs. Here you can have a chilled day people watching from the cafés in the square or museum hop if you want more.

5. Miskolc – Miskolctapolca Cave Bath

Yes, we are heading to another cave, but instead of sailing on the water in Miskolc, we get to bathe in thermal water here. If you’re not a fan of the public thermal baths in Budapest, then this one is for you.

Hungary City Guides

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Ultimate Hungary Travel Guide

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